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Apps, Api & Database

We build complex web and app based applications. Have a database but need to monetize it? We do that. Our work includes Apps for Hospitals to efficiently coordinate menus for patients by giving staff the digital tools required. The App even communicates inventory sku's on the fly so procurement can keep needed products and foods on hand.

We develop and support Apps for corporate intranets that increase productivity and provide contracts or document services to outside clients. Our Restaurant Apps coordinate orders and provide smart inventory management.

Need Medical or Dentist Office Apps for Patient scheduling and management? We can help. Bring us your database and requirements/needs for a free quote.

We can take your outdated office software and bring it current and greatly improved with our Migration Processes plus increase it's connectivity safely and securely to the web or intranet.

We are proficient in the following Technologies: 

Angular 6, Ionic 5, Asp .net Core 2, 2.2, 3.0, Angular 10 & 10+.


Database: Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server & more


Cloud Servers and Infrastructure: Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services, Azure

Contact Us today for Database Programming and Migration, App Development and Coding and More.

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